kitchen furniture

For the production of kitchen furniture we use only the best materials. This enables us to guarantee our customers the highest quality and reliability. There are details of our offer below.



Kitchen furniture produced by us can be, depending on the material cabinet’s fronts are made, divided into three groups:

  • Wooden - the fronts are made of different kinds of wood (alder, beech, oak), in several designs, rich stained. We can make fronts according to individual customer pattern. The furniture with wooden fronts have visible cabinets’ bodies usually made from stained wood veneered in the same colour as the fronts. There is a possibility to make the fronts bent.
  • veneered – fronts are made of chipboard veneered with a thin layer of wood with the possibility of staining to the same colour as the wood. Edges are finished with veneer or wooden edges.
  • MDF painted - fronts made of MDF painted with polyurethane and acrylic paints in a wide range of colours (a few thousand). We usually make the MDF visible cabinets’ bodies in the same colour as the MDF furniture fronts. This technology is also used to produce curved fronts. There is a possibility of producing the body of ligniform chipboard or wood veneered which, together with the rest of the wooden trims, creates an interesting effect.



An important element of the kitchen furniture is a worktop. We offer a wide range of colours and a possibility of choosing the type of installed countertop for the customers. Each type of countertop has different features, which has an impact on its durability and physical characteristics:

  • Laminated HPL countertops - chipboard covered with laminate imitating stone, wood or a monochrome colour. The edges of the table tops can be curvatures (post-forming finished) or finished "sharply" PVC rim, aluminium, steel or other interesting materials. Laminated countertops are resistant to high temperature (180 ° C), easy to clean, resistant to stains (alcohol, oil, acetic acid, citric acid, fruit juices, tea, coffee, ink). The tops are of the following widths: 28mm, 38mm, we can also make other wider tops, up to 100 mm. 

    We offer: Pfleiderer, Kronopol, Laminart laminated tops.
  • tops of natural stone - their advantage is the high resistance to scratches, or abrasion. They are easy to clean, resistant to chemicals used in household, high temperature. They are available in different colours, uniform, grainy or veined. Excellent surface for underslung sinks.
  • conglomerate quartzite tops - tops from this material are very similar to granite. They comprise of stone bound by acrylic resins in a smaller amount than the acrylic conglomerate. This makes remarkable resistance to scratches, cuts, high temperatures, as well as acids such as lemon juice or vinegar. This ensures perfect surface appearance even after many years of usage. Glossy finishing.

    We offer: Technistone, Silestone.
  • acrylic conglomerate tops - tops are made from a material which is a mixture of ground composite acrylic resins. They look similar to granite and can be shaped at choice. That allows plastic processing, which creates a wide possibilities of arrangement. The main advantages of this type of countertops is that they are easy to maintain (easy to remove scratches -renewable), combined seamlessly (no visible seams), freedom of shapes, colours, sizes, resistant to staining agents, and even aggressive chemicals, non-porous. We recommend to anyone who appreciates the strength, versatility and aesthetics.

    The offer includes: Corian, Kerrock.