Cupboards and wardrobes

We offer a unique internal wardrobes and freestanding ones.

Contemporary wardrobe can be a beautiful accessory to a room, a decorative element, it can also look like the wall in the same colour and trim.
Cabinet doors can be shifted with and without a doorsill, lifted, double folded without a doorsill, cut.

Furniture have become architectural element inseparably connected with the interior of the room, not only storing our stuff, but also giving it a unique look. Contemporary wardrobes give a lot of customization options and can fully keep up with its user. The cabinet should be ergonomic and also match the character of the user, so that it is fully accepted by him or her.

An interesting and innovative solution we use is a frameless system. It allows to produce wooden, veneered or MDF-varnished door without the need for visible load-bearing elements such as aluminium frames with full functionality of sliding door.
A sliding door system forming one surface after closing is also very popular nowadays.

The systems we use in sliding doors are: